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Why I changed my mind about CSS-in-JS

The first time I wrote CSS-in-JS, I was following along with a tutorial on the GatsbyJS website. There were a handful of different libraries to choose from - Glamorous, Emotion, and I think a couple others - and I hated them all. This was before the rise of Styled Components, but... Read more →

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Another day, another theme

Yep, I made another Ghost theme. I've officially created a lighter version of Peep, which is something that I wanted to do for a while now. The reason? It's too easy not to - I like talking about how simple Ghost theming is, but that was really apparent in this latest fork. I've... Read more →

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Introducing the Peep Theme

I'm constantly talking about how much I like Ghost as a blog platform, but I have a confession... I have never found a theme I really loved. There are plenty of good ones, but I kept having to tweak them to look how I want. I don't post here often and I don't have a ton of follow... Read more →

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Pranks with Base64

Recently, I saw an encoded string on Twitter with a request to have people run the following in their terminals: printf 'aW1wb3J0IHN1YnByb2Nlc3MKCnN1YnByb2Nlc3MuUG9wZW4oWyJzYXkiLCAibXkgYXNzIG5lZWRzIHRvIHBvb3AhIGhleSBldmVyeW9uZSwgbXkgYXNzIGZyZWFraW4gc3RpbmtzIGJlY2F1c2Ugb2YgYSBiaWc... Read more →

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Deploying your React app with Git

If you haven't heard about React, this is probably not the place to find out what it is and why it kicks ass. But if you have heard, you've probably slammed your head against a wall a few times trying to figure out Webpack configs and Babel presets. Unless you have really specifi... Read more →

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