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Another day, another theme

Yep, I made another Ghost theme. I've officially created a lighter version of Peep, which is something that I wanted to do for a while now. The reason? It's too easy not to - I like talking about how simple Ghost theming is, but that was really apparent in this latest fork. I've... Read more →

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Introducing the Peep Theme

I'm constantly talking about how much I like Ghost as a blog platform, but I have a confession... I have never found a theme I really loved. There are plenty of good ones, but I kept having to tweak them to look how I want. I don't post here often and I don't have a ton of follow... Read more →

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I've been running a couple blogs on Ghost 👻 for about a year now. It looks amazing, it's simple to customize, and their admin panel is insanely easy to use. My only real complaint has been the setup...until now. When I first began using Ghost, you had to do quite a bit on your o... Read more →

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