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Deploying your React app with Git

If you haven't heard about React, this is probably not the place to find out what it is and why it kicks ass. But if you have heard, you've probably slammed your head against a wall a few times trying to figure out Webpack configs and Babel presets. Unless you have really specifi... Read more →

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"React lifecycle methods are easy when you RTFM"

As a technical writer, there are four letters I absolutely hate. They don't make up a swear word, but they represent a concept that might be even worse. In most cases, it's the idea of "Figure it out yourself, it's not my job to help you." But they can also be valuable... Read more →

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I've been running a couple blogs on Ghost 👻 for about a year now. It looks amazing, it's simple to customize, and their admin panel is insanely easy to use. My only real complaint has been the setup...until now. When I first began using Ghost, you had to do quite a bit on your o... Read more →

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ES6 template tags

One of my favorite ES6 features is the template literal. At face value, they're maybe not the most impressive thing in the world. But they do a lot for code readability, and, if you use them consistently, can be a helpful way to make sure you're sanitizing user inputs before send... Read more →

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The road to Node(JS)

I started learning Node maybe a year and a half ago. I was really, really bad at it when I started. I'm no expert now, but I'm a lot less bad than I used to be 🙂. But I told myself early on that I wanted to take it seriously, and that's why I saved the source code for the first... Read more →

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